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Bestway Migration Solutions

AT Bestway Migration Solutions, we aim to provide Best Immigration and Education related advice to our clients and to represent in a best possible way. Our head office is in the heart of Melbourne, Australia and we deal with clients from all over the world. We are Registered Migration and Education Agents and we are proud to be member of professional bodies in the industry. We specialize in Student Visas, Skilled Migration, Partner Visas, Parent Visas, Temporary Graduate Visas, Employer and regional Sponsorships and Citizenship applications. Call us or book an appointment on our website now.

What we Offer


Skilled Migration Visas

Australia is always looking for people with Skills to migrate to Australia. We do a proper assessment of your Skills and help you and your family to migrate to Australia on the right Skilled Visas.

Student Visas

As Qualified Education Agents, we help Students choose the right course and help in their journey for a bright future. Contact us now to apply for Student Visa

Family Visas

We help in the reunion of your family and apply for Parent Visas, Partner Visas, Child Visas etc. We will carefully assess your situation to help you in bestway.

Business or Investor Visas

Australia is known as the land of opportunities. We will help you in the process to get a Business or Investor Visa to set up your business in Australia and to stay permanently in Australia.

Working Holiday and Visitor Visas

We help in the application of Visitor or Working Holiday visas. Whether you are coming to visit family, for tourism or work and have a holiday, give us the opportunity to get a visa for you.

Visa Cancellations and Appeals

We can help in the Appeals process to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and submissions to the department.